A cute, small house design that’s nice to live in for a long time.

There are many fan pages. Ask the admin to find content about small houses. Like a little bird building a nest. Let’s come to see a lot. in order to use it as an idea Applied to building your own house, idea house, not refusing requests and requests, today we bring a single-storey house design. Very cute for you to see. little white house orange roof tiles There was a slight leveling of the floor. to make it smooth and even Balcony in front of the house and side for living Sitting and sipping tea or coffee in a white bedroom, decorated simply. Eye-catching with red and white plaid bedsheets. The kitchen is at the front of the house. A small kitchen that focuses on saving interior space The bathroom is next to the kitchen. divided proportionally Not only because of the house and the decorations that make this house cute, warm, the atmosphere around the house is quiet. shade of big trees The brightness of the flowers in front of the house These are all parts that help make the house look more perfect. Hopefully this little house will be to your liking, more or less. This house has a usable area of ​​approximately 50 square meters. Construction budget starts at 5 hundred thousand baht.

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