A Dream Tiny House Design w/ 2 Lofts! Full Tour

Tiny houses have become increasingly popular over the last decade as more people seek affordable and sustainable housing options. In this blog post, we’ll take a tour of an incredible tiny house located in Vermont that features a creative layout and design with not just one loft, but two!

Location and Exterior Features

Peaceful Country Setting

The tiny house is situated on a 14 acre property called Barefoot Cottage in the scenic town of Chester, Vermont. Surrounded completely by trees, the location provides a peaceful, private, and spacious plot of land to enjoy the outdoors. The rural setting contributes to the tiny living experience by enabling residents to connect with nature.

Staying true to its name, being “barefoot” on the property is easily achievable thanks to the lush grass, allowing residents to truly immerse themselves in the landscape. The location’s tranquility and separation from busy roads or neighborhoods make it an ideal spot for a tiny home.

Fun Outdoor Amenities

In addition to the serene country location, the property features several outdoor amenities to complement the tiny house beautifully. A large bear statue by the main parking area sets the whimsical mood and gives Barefoot Cottage its distinctive name.

Just steps away from the front door is a picnic table, providing a nice spot to eat meals outdoors when the weather permits. An outdoor fire pit with logs serves as a perfect gathering place to roast marshmallows or chat around the flickering flames on cool Vermont nights. Capping it all off is a spacious hot tub tucked privately behind the house, ideal for stargazing while soaking in the warm, bubbling water.

Aesthetic and Design

Pleasing Exterior Style

The exterior of the tiny house utilizes a simple white and black color scheme with dark grey architectural shingle roofing and light grey trim around the windows. Touches of natural wood siding and railings contrast nicely with the otherwise plain palette for aesthetic appeal.

A set of deck stairs lead up to a small covered front porch and red door, amplifying the cottage charm. The home’s dark exterior updates, clean white siding, and wooden accents create a stylish look fitting beautifully with the natural surroundings.

Multi-functional Deck

Tucked discreetly underneath the front side of the main loft is a small deck, providing an unexpected outdoor space. The deck features weather-resistant outdoor wicker chairs with blue cushions around a glass table, enabling residents to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

The space also functions as a covered area for storing firewood neatly underneath. Additionally, the deck houses the propane tank and an HVAC unit out of sight. Taking advantage of the otherwise unusable area underneath the loft allows for a lovely semi-private deck with multiple functions.

Interior Layout and Living Space

Bright, Spacious Interior Style

Stepping inside the home, vaulted ceilings create an instantly bright and airy atmosphere unusual for most tiny houses. White walls and ceilings paired with medium tone bamboo flooring enhance the spacious illusion and provide a fresh, clean backdrop.

In the living room, a modern grey sofa faces towards a wall-mounted television, demonstrating a practical small space configuration to enjoy entertainment. Arowave provides open space while allowing room for entryway storage cubbies tucked under the stairs to the main loft.

Overall, the intentional interior design choices make the compact 384 square foot tiny house feel surprisingly open without sacrificing function. The home incorporates light colors, multi-use furniture, and vertical space effectively to amplify spaciousness.

Efficient Open Floor Plan

The interior layout focuses on an open concept using the limited space intentionally for an efficient functional flow. The entryway stairs lead directly into the kitchen, creating a seamless transition to prep and cook food. A peninsula with bar stools designates the kitchen from living room visually while maintaining an unrestricted pathway between spaces.

Doors on either side of the living room lead to the bathroom and deck, optimizing practical access and circulation. Instead of feeling cramped or cluttered, the tiny home’s layout allows residents to circulate freely despite the small square footage. Good visibility and dual access points between rooms cultivate the illusion of expansiveness.

Kitchen and Storage

Fully-functional Kitchen

One highlight is the surprisingly roomy L-shaped kitchen showcasing higher-end appliances unexpected in such a small home. White shaker cabinets provide a classic look with large handles for an updated, sleek style paired with a light grey quartz countertop.

Unique floating shelves make efficient use of vertical real estate for open storage. Additional cabinetry houses a stainless steel oven range with gas cooktop, honed black granite sink, and a surprising amount of prep space for the size.

Other notable features include a refrigerator with separate freezer, built-in microwave with ventilation, garbage disposal system, and even a capsule coffee maker station. For a sub-400 square foot home, the kitchen punches well above its weight class in terms of functionality.

Optimal Storage Solutions

Incorporating adequate storage in a tiny house can be challenging; however, this home addresses organization beautifully. Frequently used kitchen items can be stowed in the many cabinets, shelves, and drawers surrounding the cooking appliances. Less accessed items like seasonal dishware finds a home in built-in cupboards adjacent to the entryway stairs underneath the living room loft.

The deep crawl space also houses the washer and dryer out of sight. Other everyday household goods store neatly in lidded bins stashing under the kitchen peninsula bench seating. For bulk goods, the pantry cubby underneath the stairs functions ideally for housing non-perishables, cleaning items, and more behind closed doors. Though tiny, the house makes savvy use of unconventional storage solutions throughout.

Bathroom and Lofts

Stylish, Spacious Bathroom

One highlight is the completely customized bathroom featuring a 36 inch wide shower with modern grey and white tile extending from floor to ceiling. The sizable shower includes built-in shelving, niche shampoo areas, and a frameless glass door.

Across from the shower, the bathroom boasts a 30 inch wide floating vanity with under-lit mirrors. The stark black and white vanity backsplash tile coordinates nicely with grey quartz countertops and white porcelain vessel sink for a polished look. Other elements like the full-size GE washer and dryer along with a standard comfortable toilet reinforce how shockingly luxurious the small bathroom feels.

Main Bedroom Loft Oasis

A staircase with integrated drawers leads upstairs from the living room to the main sleeping loft. The 100 square foot bedroom area keeps a minimalist style with birch-look laminate flooring matching the kitchen, vaulted ceilings, and plenty of space to stand up comfortably unlike many tiny house lofts.

Natural light floods through a large window at the foot of the bed and skylight above. For furnishings, the room fits a standard full-size platform bed frame easily with side tables and storage chests built seamlessly into the base of the loft. The simple, airy bedroom design provides an unexpected retreat considering the home’s modest footprint.

Cozy Reading Nook Loft

Nestled above the kitchen sits a secondary tiny loft accessed by a folding library ladder. The narrow but long bonus space works perfectly as a reading nook or office. Natural light enters through two skylights keeping the area feeling bright and cheerful despite its confined shape.

The loft fits a twin bed comfortably but also works nicely as a sofa spot with plush cushions and throws. The small loft may not function as a full extra bedroom but provides the ideal intimate space for lounging with a book, working on a laptop, or just enjoying the view out the skylight.


This spectacular Vermont tiny house packs a lot of function into its stylish 384 square foot footprint. Clever solutions like multi-use spaces, storage cubbies, vaulted ceilings, and not just one but two lofts make the home feel expansive and livable. The inviting exterior colors, natural surroundings, and special amenities like the hot tub and reading nook loft contribute to a magical, cozy experience. While tiny, this thoughtfully designed house delivers practicality and comfort far beyond expectations!

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