Abandoned Blind Dog Desperately Searches for Puppies

A blind mother dog, Barbara, was abandoned when her family moved and left her behind without her puppies. When rescuers found her, she was severely emaciated, dehydrated, and had numerous health issues, including anemia and eye inflammation.

Her tail was between her legs, and she desperately cried and fainted when they tried to approach her. She had been alone for several days, and her cries for help were finally heard by a neighbor.

The rescuers discovered that Barbara still had milk, indicating that her puppies had recently been taken from her. They believed the owner intentionally abandoned her because he didn’t want to pay for her medical care.

Initial treatments and tests revealed that Barbara’s eyesight could not be restored and her condition was critical. However, she was surprisingly calm despite her circumstances.

After a few days of rest and care, Barbara was transported to a specialist for further evaluation. The specialist gave them hope that her sight might be partially restored.

While Barbara’s health is now stable, she has endured significant trauma and heartache. The rescuers continue to provide her with love, care, and companionship, ensuring she lives out her life peacefully.

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