Abandoned Puppy with Twisted Legs Rescued and Healed

A heartbreaking video documents the rescue of a crippled puppy found abandoned on a riverbank. Its owner had separated it from its mother, who was taken to a slaughterhouse. The puppy was left alone for several days, with its front legs twisted and its skin covered in crusty, itchy sores.

After unsuccessful negotiations with the owner, the rescuers finally paid a sum to take the puppy away. She was taken to a veterinarian for tests, which revealed she had a swollen belly with worms and skin infections.

With love and care, the puppy’s health gradually improved. Her legs were casted and reshaped, and her skin condition was treated. Slowly, she adjusted to her new surroundings and began cooperating with the rehabilitation process.

A companion dog was introduced, providing her with much-needed support and encouragement. The two puppies formed a close bond, helping each other overcome their past traumas.

Through the journey, the puppy, named Lulu, showed remarkable resilience and strength. Today, she is a fully recovered, confident, and beautiful puppy. The love and support she received has transformed her both physically and emotionally.

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