After a week of feeding a stray mother cat, she brought all her kittens to a kind person for care.

After feeding a stray cat for a week, a kind person witnessed the heartwarming sight of the mother cat bringing all of her kittens for attention. Initially, two were spotted, but upon closer inspection, a total of three were discovered. Days later, a fourth kitten appeared, followed by a fifth.

The mother cat’s trust in the human grew with each encounter. On the third day, a sixth and on the seventh, a seventh kitten arrived. The kittens, now seven in total, bonded closely, piling together in a box for comfort.

To ensure their well-being, the mother cat and kittens were isolated from other cats in the household. As they grew, a larger cat bed was provided, and on the eighth day, wet cat food was introduced. A special lamb milk powder was given to the cat to supplement her nutrition.

One day, the mother cat alerted the human to a missing kitten. After helping to locate and return it, the cat bed proved inadequate, prompting a move to a more spacious accommodation. However, mischief ensued, and the mother cat occasionally jumped into the house, causing a minor breakdown.

Despite these setbacks, the kittens thrived under the care of their attentive mother. The video showcases their growth and playful interactions as they receive nourishment and attention. The kind-hearted human continues to provide for the well-being of the feline family, offering a heartwarming glimpse into their shared journey.

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