Heroic Herding Dog Battles 11 Coyotes to Save His Flock of Sheep….Please don’t scroll without giving him some love and prayers!

A pack of hungry coyotes invaded a farm in Decatur, Georgia. Their target: a flock of sheep in the pasture next to the owner’s home.

What the coyotes did not know was there was a brave livestock dog that guards and protects them. After a bloody fight, the guard dog was seriously injured but hailed victorious, leaving 8 coyotes dead.

On the evening of November 3, around 9 p.m., a pack of coyotes went near the house of farm owner John Wierwiller.

He was able to push them away by throwing rocks at them. However, they were adamant to get what they wanted and came back at around two in the morning.

Casper at the LifeLine Clinic

Casper and Daisy, his two guard dogs courageously backed up the sheep in the corner, trying to protect them from the ravenous coyotes.

Wierwiller saw a few coyotes already inside the pen and others were getting closer to it. At that time, there were about fix or six coyotes ready to attack the sheep and the dogs.

Wierwiller said he was not scared of the coyotes attacking them but he was afraid for Casper as the coyotes were focused on him more than anything.

Casper being treated at LifeLine Clinic

Not wasting any more time, Casper fearlessly jumped into action and threw himself in the middle of the pack, fighting them off for 30 minutes.

Casper successfully killed a few coyotes but he didn’t stop there. He continued to fight in hopes of killing the other ones. The remaining coyotes managed to jump out of the fence and went separate ways.

Casper tirelessly chased them and killed a few more outside of the fence. After the fight, Wierwiller lost sight of Casper and failed to find him.

A flock of sheep at Wierwiller's farm

Casper killed a total of 8 coyotes and none of his sheep was hurt but Wierwiller was more concerned about his dog’s disappearance.

“So the next day, we thought we could find him, we thought he must have been killed and so we were looking for him,” Wierwiller said.

What worried him more was the fact that they found parts of his tail and blood.

Sheep with their guard dog

Wierwiller, with the help of his neighbors, searched for Casper and after a couple of days, he turned up at the farm with visible injuries.

“He looked terrible. He came back home and he just kind of looked at me like ‘boss, stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me,’” said Wierwiller.

Just as Casper seemed to order him, Wierwiller looked after him with the help of LifeLine, a non-profit that aims to stop the shelter euthanasia of healthy and mendable animals. Casper had several surgeries to close up his neck and back wounds and to cut off his tail.

Casper being looked after at LifeLine Clinic

On his Facebook page named “Ewe Can Do It Naturally,” Wierwiller posted an update on Casper on November 28.

“We had some really great news about an hour ago – the emergency vets were able to close up Casper’s neck wound! Casper will be back to the LifeLine Clinic this afternoon for a check-up there and probably to stay for several more days.”

Vets treating Casper at LifeLine Clinic

He thanked LifeLine facility for providing Casper with great care at lower costs. LifeLine also launched a GoFundMe to cover Casper’s hospital bills which cost $15,000.

The group received more than their goal so they are using the remaining funds to help save other animals in the future.

Casper is being treated at LifeLine Clinic

Though Casper may not be able to continue his job as a guard dog and protect the sheep, his heroic act will forever mark Wierwiller’s heart and he will always be known as one of the bravest guard dogs.

To hear updates from Casper please visit Ewe Can Do It Naturally.

Watch this video and see how the vets are caring for Casper and helping him recover:

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