“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” She held her mother’s body for three years and became depressed

A stray dog named Xiao Hai has been living in depression for three years after losing her family and home. Left alone with her mother’s body, she refused to leave her side despite being handicapped and barely surviving on scraps of food.

Xiao Hai’s only companion was the silent body of her mother, protectively guarding it through the years. As she grew, her depression deepened, with no one willing to assist her during this difficult time.

When discovered, Xiao Hai’s face reflected only sadness, as she held onto her mother’s bones, powerless and in pain. Today, she is brought to her mother’s burial site for a final farewell, tears streaming down her face.

Despite being offered a new home, Xiao Hai struggles to detach herself from her mother’s remains, showing her deep bond and the extent of her grief. With a heavy heart, she says goodbye to her mother, who she lovingly protected until her end.

Xiao Hai’s story is a testament to the unwavering love and loyalty of dogs, even in the face of immense loss and tragedy. It is a reminder of the importance of compassion and empathy, as well as the hope that time and support can heal even the deepest wounds.

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