Office Worker Feels Like Somebody’s Watching Him Through The Hole In The Ceiling

Cats are sneaky! That is a fact. My cats often “spy” on me around the house. When I’m doing something – like folding the laundry or cooking – basically anything that doesn’t involve them, I know they’re somewhere nearby, lurking. 

Similarly, these office workers captured a sneaky “surveillance cat” that has been spying on them… from the ceiling! 

cat peeking from hole

One office worker noticed that a cute little face was poking in from an opening in the ceiling. This guy was fast to capture this cute kitty and send the photo to his colleague who then posted it on Twitter.

He compared the kitty to a security camera as a joke when the tweet went viral. Isn’t this the cutest security camera you’ve ever seen?

Office Workers Discover That A Sneaky “Surveillance Cat” Has Been Spying On Them

Everyone had a good laugh about it. However, maybe the cat was just trying to see whether everyone is doing their job properly, hahaha.

I’m sure everyone would do their job right if they knew this cute little surveillance cat was watching!

cat with big eyes looking straight

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