Rescued Bunny Turns Into The Best Foster Mom 

A devoted kitten named Ruby was rescued off the streets of Cyprus by Rico, a compassionate man who had never had animals before. Because Ruby was so sick when he found her, he figured that he’d nurse her back to health and then find her a loving home. But as time passed, Rico decided that he couldn’t part with Ruby.

The was hidden under a pallet. …I understood that this kitten definitely needs help.I don’t have much experience with pets so I didn’t know what to do. … I thought that I would just help her recover make her strong again and then give her to someone but at some point I was like no chance.

Ruby felt the same way about Rico. In fact, Ruby now accompanies Rico 24/7, going wherever he goes, especially outdoors. When Ruby is on the leash, she actually pulls him along to make him go faster.

She’s like a dog. We can go for walks for hikes and she loves it…she’s even pulling. Ever since I met Ruby, I feel like I’m in a constant movie. So I enjoy it.

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