She lived for a whole year almost without food! She couldn’t get up and just cried!

Bree, a beloved dog, went missing for a year. When her owners found her, she was severely emaciated and unable to walk. After admitting Bree to the vet, they discovered she had been intentionally starved.

Bree’s journey to recovery began with her refusing to eat, but after three days she took her first bite. With careful monitoring, she gradually increased her food intake. By day five, she was eating on her own and her bloodwork improved.

After six days in the hospital, Bree arrived at a foster home where she bonded with her foster mom and a unicorn toy. She still had difficulty standing on her own, but could walk when assisted.

Over the next few weeks, Bree’s progress was remarkable. She took her first short walk around day 14 and could eat on a regular schedule. By day 19, she had gained weight and her foster mom was overjoyed.

Today, Bree is a thriving and happy dog. She plays with her foster siblings, enjoys walks, and shares a loving home with her family. She has overcome adversity and serves as a reminder of resilience and compassion.

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