Two Guys Never Thought Their Fishing Trip Would Turn Into Cat Rescue Mission

When these two guys went fishing on Alabama’s Black Warrior River, they had no clue what they’d end up catching.

Brandon Key and Jason Frost never imagined their fishing trip would turn into cat-fishing, but that’s exactly what happened.

a guy rescues abandoned kittens on a fishing trip

It turns out they rescued two kittens who were swimming towards their boat in search of safety.

“So, we’re out here on the Warrior River, and y’all are not gonna believe what is swimming towards our boat. A kitten.”

The video of their surprising rescue went viral, showing the kittens approaching them and the astonishment of the fishermen. 

guy rescues kittens from a lake

It was a kitten, indeed, and a second one followed soon after him.

“They’re twins! Are you kidding me?”

Despite being scared and wet, the kittens proved to be excellent swimmers. Also, they seem very grateful to their rescuers.

two kittens saved by two fishermen

“Some jackass probably put them out there.”

Frost believes the kittens were abandoned by someone, but their determination to survive prevailed. These determined kittens did not give up! No river could have stopped them. 

Yep, this puts a whole new spin on the popular term “catfishing”.

happy fisherman with two rescued kittens

After reaching dry land, Key and Frost found a loving family that instantly fell in love with these ginger cuties and gladly adopted them. A purrfect ending for this unique rescue story.

Watch the full video of their heartwarming rescue below:

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