Woman Finds A Cat Outside Her Office Door, Desperately Meowing To Be Saved From The Pouring Rain

Cold and rainy weather can be tough for stray kitties. Most of them struggle to find food and shelter to hide from the harsh conditions. However, one clever cat decided to seek help directly from people. 

It all happened on one cold, rainy night, while Kay was at her office. Suddenly, she heard what sounded like a cat meowing outside her door. 

Following the sound, she discovered a tabby feline meowing desperately for help, begging to be let inside.

cat sitting at the office door
Credit: @lauren_elizabeth_25

Not sure what to do or how to help the poor furry creature, Kay contacted her roommate, Lauren Keim, and asked for some help. Upon her arrival, Lauren knew there was only one right thing to do. She said:

“It was rainy and really cold, so we knew we had to at least bring him in for the night.”

Lauren and their other roommates came together to bring the cat indoors. They started by giving him a quick and warm bath before gathering to watch the cat explore his new surroundings.

cat sitting on bed
Credit: @lauren_elizabeth_25

Despite being in a safe place, the tabby feline was in pretty rough shape. He was thin, hungry, and dehydrated. Once he was given food, he devoured it within minutes. 

Realizing he needed better help, the group began discussing whether to take him to a rescue where he could receive proper care. 

But what happened in the middle of their discussion warmed everyone’s hearts, especially Lauren’s.

woman petting cat on an orange towel
Credit: @lauren_elizabeth_25

The sweet tabby came to Lauren, curled up in her lap, buried his face in the blanket, and fell asleep. She recalled:

“He crawled into my lap and fell asleep. I knew then that he was mine. I feel like he chose me in that moment.”

From that moment, the group realized that this cat wasn’t going anywhere and that they became his home and his whole family. 

cat lying on a blanket on couch
Credit: @lauren_elizabeth_25

They named him Chuck, after the CEO of the company where he was found. Once they all agreed to keep him, they took Chuck to the vet clinic for a thorough examination.

The vets estimated his age to be somewhere between 1 and 3 years old. Since he didn’t have a microchip, it was likely that he had been wandering the streets for some time. 

Unfortunately, that wasn’t everything the vets discovered. Chuck had an abscess on his front leg, probably due to a bite wound infection, and even more concerning, one of his back legs was broken and needed amputation.

cat with a cone around its neck
Credit: @lauren_elizabeth_25

Poor little Chuck had probably been living with the broken leg for a long time; however, the vets said the surgery would improve his quality of life.

Despite the challenges he faced, Chuck remained sweet and grateful during his vet visits, as if he knew they were there to help him. 

Later, he underwent the surgery and slowly started his recovery. Lauren was more than happy with his progress, saying:

“He is adjusting to life with three legs after his surgery, but he is moving around faster now than when we found him.”

woman petting cat
Credit: @lauren_elizabeth_25

As his overall condition started to improve, his true personality also started to shine through. Chuck turned out to be a real cuddle-beg, always seeking attention and cuddles. 

He has no idea about the meaning of personal space, as he always curls up on Lauren’s chest, as close to her face as possible. Lauren said:

“Without even knowing everything he went through, Chuck has such a relaxed personality. His favorite thing is just lounging around. He also loves his cuddles and his food time. He is way more cuddly now, like he’s showing me that he trusts me, and showing me love back.”

close-up photo of hand petting the cat
Credit: @lauren_elizabeth_25

Since Chuck became a part of Lauren’s life, everything has changed, but she has zero regrets. Now, she wakes up early every morning to feed Chuck and spend quality bonding and cuddling time with him. She added:

“He is really silly, and overall, I feel like all he wanted to do was to feel safe and loved. I’m glad he picked me to provide that for him. I don’t know what I did to be chosen by him, but I love being his human.”

Well, it’s true, as long as we think that we choose our cats, it’s quite the opposite. In most cases, our cats choose us to be their humans, and we should be grateful, as there’s no greater gift than that.

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